Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Birds.

Spent the day (Friday) babysitting Toby and Zane - while there we witnessed the phenomenon of a Chaffinch constantly flying at its reflection in the window.

Apparently,the Chaffinch on seeing his reflection in the glass thinks it is another bird so is trying to chase it away from his territory. We see a lot of this behaviour at this time of year as birds are looking for nesting sites with good food around i.e. your feeder.

There are decal shapes available in most bird catalogues including the RSPB and their shops of course which also prevent birds flying into windows.
I would think, though, it would take a lot of decals to scare the bird off and could turn out to be quiet costly depending on the number of windows in your house. I have seen packs of 3 silhouettes available at £4.95 each.

According to the RSPB:

Double glazed windows tend to pose a greater risk than single glazed, since they produce clearer reflections.

This hazard can be reduced by making the window pane more obvious to the bird. Fixing to the outside of the glass an object which will indicate that an obstacle is present should help. Any image will work try cutting out random shapes such as half moons, stars etc from coloured self-adhesive plastic.

The most effective shape is likely to be that of a hawk. Self-adhesive bird silhouettes (both songbirds and birds of prey) can be purchased from any RSPB shop, many good petshops and garden centres, or by mail order from many large birdfood companies.

More expensive but highly effective are vertical blinds which can be angled so that you can observe your garden whilst reducing dramatically the appearance of the windows as a flight path.

Please understand that these measures will greatly reduce but never totally solve the problem.