Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Passenger From Hell

…….. that’s me and proud of it (might have something to do with the hormones).
I have currently been making life hell for some of the Metro Inspectors at the bus stops round the City Hall. Any of you who are unfortunate enough to have to rely on the Metro bus service will know just how unreliable they can be. Take this morning, for instance, the 8.05 service hasn’t shown up once again and I spot an inspector within speaking distance, so:

ME: ‘excuse me, can you tell me what has happened to the five past eight bus?’

HIM: ‘I’m just waiting for it to arrive’

ME: ‘so are we …. ‘

HIM: ‘it’s a bit late’

ME: ‘we know it’s a bit late, we can tell that from the clock’

….. and he is astounded when I inform him that his job is worthless. What is the point of employing these people if they can’t keep you informed about delays nor can they think up a more original excuse than ‘it’s a bit late’? As far as I can see, they spend most of their time avoiding the passengers. (I suppose with exasperated passengers like me around you can hardly blame them – I’m just waiting for one to take to his heels and run!!) I did see one inspector, last year, remove his cap so that he couldn’t be easily recognised and try to skulk past the mile long queue of angry passengers (foolish man! – I soon cornered him).

I, stupidly perhaps, am of the belief that their job is to ensure that the buses run on time and that passengers are not inconvenienced.