Tuesday, 7 October 2008

MISSING - Amy Fitzpatrick

Amy Fitzpatrick went missing in Mijas in Spain on January 1st while walking home from her friends house and has not been seen since. We are asking for your help so this does not happen again!! We are also looking for volunteer's in Ireland and in European countries to help assist in our on-going campaign to get signatures on the petition to get an Alert System set into place. Please email us info@amyfitzpatrickmissing.com
Click here for Amber Alert Link
See also Help find Amy or her dad's bebo page (thanks to anonymous for the links)
I came across this photo while googling for something else (I think it was on somebody's blog) and just felt I should add my little bit to further the search. This is not even the tip of the iceberg - if you visit Amy's dad's bebo page or any of the other web sites set up for missing persons you will see just how widespread the problem is - so I can't begin to imagine how you can combat something on such a large scale as this. But if by posting links to the occasional appeal helps in any positive way then we can feel that we have achieved something (or helped at least).