Thursday, 6 March 2008

Victoria Square, Belfast - the grand opening

Two jugglers, who were part of the entertainment laid on for the public, at the opening of Victoria Square shopping centre.
A view of the inside of the centre from the second level.
Unfortunately the viewing area was closed by the time I arrived (having been hi-jacked by the BBC for an outside broadcast, which was extremely inconsiderate of them in my opinion) so I had to settle for taking photos on the other levels of the centre. This is the viewing area - looking very much like an alien space craft.
This is the view from level 2 of the harpists on stage on the ground floor.

This is the view from ground level of the harpists on stage.

A jazz duo, also part of the evening's entertainment.

I thought all the bloggers of Belfast would have been in attendance but, as yet, I have not seen any other posts. Perhaps they are still at the centre, maxing out their credit cards?
Alan in Belfast was there for the main event. Andy, Adada, healysequoia and Connormcc have also visited.