Monday, 4 February 2008

Fresh Garbage

This is a piece that I found on the web here:
Some might call it "hippie", but once you've waded through to the front counter you'll find it's a gem of a jewellery shop lurking beneath tassels and tie-dyes. Quality silver remains timeless and they have wads of chunky rings engraved with Gothic intricacy, or other Celtic-style designs cast in unique Irish silver. Technicolour stones from around the globe abound, as well as literally hundreds of rings for ear, nose, belly and various other bodily destinations. Fresh Garbage has been a firm fixture in Belfast, making Rosemary Street a Mecca for generations of females. A rarity in jewellery shops with atmosphere and there's some fascinating clothing.

It even has a wikipedia entry:

Fresh Garbage, known to some as simply "fresh" or "the garbage shop", is an independent music merchandise store based in Rosemary Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland. It sells products such as band t-shirts, belts, wrist bands, jewellery, hair dyes and bongs. The store was founded in 1969, most likely as an outgrowth of the hippy movement. It is described by Wcities as now being a "firm fixture in Belfast".

Since it has been around since the heady days of the 60's, it is a shop that both I and my daughters have had occassion to frequent. And this is the origin of the shop name :