Thursday, 29 June 2006

Apologies to 174,304 readers

Last week Gizmag ran a story about the Dynacraft Dekra-D Drive bicycle which has a shaft drive shaft instead of a chain and hence offers less maintenance and greater safety - it was brought to their attention that this was not as revolutionary an idea as they thought. Gizmag have checked and … 'to our enormous embarrassment, Parissienne blogger Eric Chenin had a picture of a bike built in 1899 with a very similar drive mechanism.'
They have now posted a follow up story (Here:) and have offered 'ahem … sincerest apologies to the 174,304 visitors who have read the story in the last week and thought it was a new design.' I for one think it is very commendable of them to admit to their mistake.
They have even posted a link to Eric's blog and recommended, as I have, that you should at least check out the daily piccie. So check out their site also Here: it has loads of interesting and informative stories about 'Emerging Technology'.